Animal Health


People throughout the world have close relationships with their pets, which are often treated as part of the family and keep their owners company into old age. Farm animals are suppliers of food, on which high demands are made in terms of quality. Our aim is to protect and preserve the health of animals with our products. We know the needs of our customers – whether veterinarians, pet owners or farmers.

The role animals play in our lives is growing in significance, and as humans and animals live closer together, it has also become more necessary to protect humans from the transmission of disease pathogens. Bayer has secured a leadership position in researching and developing products for animal health and pest control since 1919, and we are constantly developing new, better products and improved forms of administration for the benefit of the animals in our lives.

Our business unit Animal Health ranks among the leading international innovators in its field. It develops and markets products and solutions for the prevention and treatment of diseases in companion and farm animals.

How Animals Keep Us Young and Healthy

Prevention and Treatment

Animal Health Division: Companion Animals

The Animal Health business unit offers a broad range of products to protect dogs and cats against diseases transmitted by parasites. Our Advantage? product family for flea and tick control has been a market leader for years. One of the fastest- growing products in this area is our innovative Seresto? collar. When animals fall sick, we can help with a range of treatment options, especially for bacterial infections.

Animal Health Division: Farm Animals

Farm animals, fish and bees supply foods such as milk, eggs, fish, meat and honey. Their health is therefore of special importance for humans. For this reason our portfolio includes products both for treating sick animals and for preventing disease occurrence. For example, our innovative immunostimulant Zelnate? represents a completely new approach, helping to strengthen animals’ natural defenses and thus prevent disease in individual animals or entire herds.

To this end, Bayer offers veterinarians and farmers innovative medicines and solutions that contribute to the quality of life, health and well-being of farm animals around the world. Among the important areas are in the treatment and prevention of parasitic diseases, anti-infectives, pharmacological therapies and farm hygiene. We also have an ongoing quest to discover and develop new and innovative therapies to make the world a better place for animals and humans.

Diseases cause pain and suffering in animals, too. We support animal owners in preventing pain or ensuring responsible treatment. We also participate in animal welfare projects worldwide, including one to protect mine detection dogs in Cambodia.

30 million

companion animals are treated with our products each year to protect them from external parasites – as are 25 percent of farm animals.


Driven by an increasing world population and higher incomes, the animal health market remains very attractive. In the companion animals segment, we are benefiting from growing pet ownership rates. In the farm animals segment, moreover, the aspiration to adopt Western lifestyle habits is leading to higher meat consumption.

In the companion animals business, Animal Health has a strong position in the field of parasiticides. To safeguard and further expand this position, we are focusing on maintaining the strong performance of the Seresto? collar, opening up new distribution channels and leveraging the brand equity of the Advantage? product family.

In the farm animals business, we are focusing on parasiticides and anti-infectives for the treatment of infectious diseases. We are striving to develop new options for the prevention and treatment of diseases in livestock. Additionally, we strengthened our antiparasitics business in the United States with the acquisition in January 2017 of the Cydectin? endectocide portfolio.

In 2019, we received more than 100 new marketing authorizations worldwide through product innovations, approval extensions and the geographic expansion of our existing product portfolio. New product launches included Advantix XXL?, a new application size from our Advantage? range of products for the treatment of very large dogs with just one single dose, and Viper?, a novel louse control product with increased efficacy for sheep which was registered in Australia.

Animal Health also reinforces its business by continually identifying further product development candidates through new and existing collaborations. In 2018, for example, global license agreements were concluded with Mitsui Chemicals Agro, Inc. (MCAG) and NeuroCycle Therapeutics to strengthen the portfolio. In addition, 2019 marked the beginning of R&D collaboration agreements with adivo, Nutreco, and VLPbio. We work closely with our partners in areas such as the development of innovative technologies, application innovations and lead structure optimizations.